AVR SX440 LIXiSE 3 phase avr for generator

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SX440 is a half-wave phase-controlled thyristor type Automatic Voltage Regulator and forms part of the excitation system for a brushless generator. In addition to regulating the generator voltage, the AVR circuitry includes under speed and sensing loss protection to ensure safe, reliable control of the generator

The Propose employs surface mount technology (SMT) for high integration of features in a minute footprint AVR. Positive voltage build up from residual levels is ensured by the use of proficient semiconductors in the power circuitry of the AVR. The control and voltage sensing circuits have separate terminals, allowing the excitation power to be resulting directly from the stator winding for necessary applications or from an auxiliary winding if sustained short circuit performance is essential. Which is linked with the main stator windings and the exciter field windings to offer closed loop control of the output voltage with load regulations of +/- 1%

*Stability adjustment
*Under frequency roll off adjustment
* Trim adjustment
* Optimum response selection
* Droop adjustment

Features of LIXiSE AVR

1. Stability: After 24 hoursthe rated current on line aging.
2. Stability: can works up to 85 ℃ . meets military standards!
3. British WELLWIN glass glaze resistance, can work at high temperatures over 200℃.
4. The United States BOURNS potentiometer, adjust smooth, not easily damaged.
5. More than 20 test processto ensure 100% good quality before shipments.
the quality AVR can make sure the output voltage is stable, and it can works much long time than the cheap one.

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